Turning Up the HEAT on Technology Education and Careers

The demand for qualified Technology Professionals in BC and globally is growing. BC faces a serious skills shortage, with thousands of technology jobs opening by 2020, while thousands of technology professionals will be retiring and must be replaced.

Yet most young BC men and women - and their parents - overlook science and technology careers. That's why ASTTBC promotes the 'middle path' of two-year technical programs at BC's colleges, BCIT and universities.

Applied science and technology education is the pathway to HOT careers. For young graduates, male and female, First Nations and new Canadians, there's no better time to tap into a technology career.


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  • Qualified. Registered. Accountable.
  • 10,000+ strong.
  • Highly Qualified and In Demand.
  • Growing BC's economy.
  • Protecting BC's environment.

BC needs more Technology Professionals. Tap into technology education and secure a HOT career in a world where Technology Sizzles... Get Cooking with ASTTBC!


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  • Regulating BC's Technology Professionals.
  • One of BC's largest professional associations.
  • Respected for high standards.
  • Addressing skills shortages.
  • Promoting technology careers.

ASTTBC promotes technology education and careers, notably with underrepresented groups like First Nations and women in technology. ASTTBC works with the BC and Canadian Governments to assure a sustainable supply of technology professionals to fuel our economy.


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Our buildings, computers, electrical power, all manner of equipment, roads, water and waste water systems and our environment, demand accurate inspection, testing, maintenance, and management - all jobs conducted by technology professionals. BC needs more. Tap into a technology career and secure a solid future in a world where Technology Sizzles - Get Cooking with ASTTBC!


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  • Develop a strategic direction for technology education and skills in BC.
  • Create a technology education and training plan for BC tied to labour market demand.
  • Promote technology careers, skills and education in BC.
  • Boost high-school technology career preparation programs and science, technology, engineering and math (STEM) teaching.
  • Increase First Nations participation in technology education and careers.
  • Encourage participation and career advancement for women in technology.
  • Improve access for Internationally Trained Technology Professionals.